Most issues of the newspaper Chto Delat? have either sparked artistic collaborations, or provide commentary on art projects carried out by members of the workgroup.

Since 2003, this has led to an ongoing collaboration between Nikolai Oleynikov, Tsaplya, Dmitry Vilensky, Gluklya, as well as other artists from both Russia and abroad, so that Chto delat has become a creative platform where collaborations are not just hypothesized in editorial or curatorial practice, but become a matter of artistic reflection in works that are genuinely collaborative. At the same time, all of these artistic efforts attempt to reconnect to the discursivity of the newspaper, which often functions as a supplement or intervention in the artistic venues.

Chto Delat’s exhibitions are always space and case specific. They create total installations combining of films, murals, graphic, objects and architectural elements. This artists consider that institutional spaces should be transferred into public space dedicated to education and discussion. The idea behind the construction of such spaces was influenced by the soviet concept of workers’ clubs and houses of culture, that the artists reconsidered for new contexts of art institutions and publics (See here on the concept of the activist club)

This section will be expanding constantly with extensive material documenting the artistic work of Chto delat. For now, it consist of comprehensive image material and project descriptions, as well as “Texts” for their contextualization.

Stay tuned for updates!