Video Works

Since the beginning of our collective work we have focused on the production of video films. These films are different in their aesthetics and methods, but what brings them all together is our attempt to develop a filmic language for different political and personal narratives. In this section you can watch the selection of web-copies of the films realized by our collective – do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to organize screenings and discussions – our target is the production of Learning Films that trigger discussions in relation to various urgent political issues.

You can find the complete collection of films at:



Border Musical, 2013 (russian/norwegian – english subtitles; 48 min)


The Russian Woods, 2012 (russian/norwegian – english subtitles; 41:51 min)


Baden-Baden lessons of Dis-consent, 2011 (german – english/russian subtitles; 18:16 min)


Museum Songspiel: Netherlands 20XX, 2011 (dutch – english subtitles; 25:21 min)


The Tower: a Songspiel, 2010 (russian – english subtitles; 36:52 min)


Partisan Songspiel. A Belgrade Story, 2009 (serbian – english subtitles; 29:27 min)


2+2. Practicing Godard, 2009 (russian – english subtitles; 38:08 min)


Perestroika Songspiel. The Victory over coup, 2008 (russian – english subtitles; 26:33 min)


Chronicles of Perestroika, 2008 (16:41 min)


Protest Match. Kirov Stadium, 2006 (russian – english subtitles; 27:20 min), realized as a project of the Activist Film Studio


Angry Sandwich People or in Praise of Dialectics, 2004-2005 (russian – english subtitles; 08:00 min)


Builders, 2004 (russian – english subtitles; 08:16 min)


Drift. Narvskaya Zastava, 2004  (in two parts. russian – english subtitles; Part one: 28:21; Part two: 43:58 min)


Sandwhiched, 2004 (russian-english subtitles; 11:01 min)


Tryptich “Negation of Negation”: Production Line; Screaming, Antonio Negri Speaks (2003)

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