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which embrace activities of all Chto Delat members and particular Artyom Magum, Oxana Timofeeva and Alexey Penzin


here some selected events from the past


Historical Materialism,
London (speakers Alexey Penzin and Oxana Timofeeva)

Former West,
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Tsaplya-Vilensky-Penzin-Riff-Skidan-Timofeeva-Gluklya)

Malye Bannye Chteniya,
Smolny College, St. Petersburg (Magun and Skidan)

International Symposium The Structure of the Void;
Ljubljana (Oxana Timofeeva)

The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part 2
Berlin (Alexey Penzin)


Where has Communism gone?, seminar with G.M. Tamás at, Budapest

Truth is Concrete, Sterische Herbst, Graz – discussions and seminars (Vilensky-Oleynikov)

May Congress, Kiew (Oleynikov-Tsaplya-Vilensky)

You do not have to be left to think like this, exhibition as school
the series of seminars and public discussions in Petersburg, GEZ21, Pushkinskaya 10.

ArtLeaks workmeeting in Moscow

Historical Materialism, 2012, London Magun, Timofeeva, Penzin)

Border Aesthetics Conference;
University of Tromsø, Norway

Summer School 2012 – Moscow – St Petersburg with Mladen Dolar and Slavoj Zizek

Moscow Curatorial School, V-A-C Foundation, Russia (Vilensky-Tsaplya – seminars)

Marx and the aesthetics, Amsterdam University (Vilensky on skype)

ArtLeaks’ First Public Assembly and Workshop, Berlin (Tsaplya and Vilensky)

Participating in the discussion at Workstation 1: Self-organisation as Ethic,
Gwangjui Biennale (Vilensky on skype)



Historical Materialism, 2011 (in New York – Oxana Timopheeva and London – Magun, Timofeeva, Penzin)

The Empowerment of the Right / The Dissolution of the Left (Oxana Timofeeva); Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Social housing. Housing the Social (seminar and Learning Play “How can you be at home in an alien world?”), organised by SKOR, Amsterdam

Seminars on politische Bildung, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin (Vilensky and Tsaplya)

Towards the Other, conference on migration, St. Petersburg European Univercity

Auditorium Moscow (series of talks with different members of the group)

Public talk at Media Kunsthochschule, Cologne

Chto Delat summer school at BAK, Visby, Sweeden

2nd May congress of precarious cultural workers, Moscow

48 Hours seminar organised by Chto delat? “Where the Communism gone?”,
SMART project space, Amsterdam

conference What is the use?, Whitechapel Gallery,
London (speaker Dmitry Vilensky)


What is to be done ? art/film/politics;  Centre Pompidou

– ACTORS, AGENTS AND ATTENDANTS, SKOR, Foundation Art and Public Space, Amsterdam

On Horizons: Art and Political Imagination,
the second FORMER WEST Research Congresses, Istanbul Technical University

Creative Time Summit, New York

– What Struggle do we have in common?: A 48-Hour Communal Life Seminar, ICA London

Idea of Communism, Volksbuehne, Berlin

Living Politically: A 48-Hour Communal Life Seminar, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

– Conference Communisms’ Afterlifes

– seminar Primitiv Accumulation (Madrid, Museum Reina Sophia)

Becoming Minority, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


– public lecture Goldsmiths College, London

– conference “Historical Materialism, UCL, London

– presentation of newspaper “Great Method”, Falanster bookshop, Moscow

– NORMALITY IN [THE] CRISIS, Options for radical art practices in heterogeneous social space, a symposium by the Festival of Regions 09, Linz, Austria

– Working Title: Archive; Workshop at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, Poland

– Cultural Forum 2009, The Aleksanteri Institute Helsinki

– Los nuevos productivismos, MACBA museum, Barcelona

– Manufacturing Today, Art Academy, Vilnus



– Newspapers at Studio for art practices and debates, Periferic 8 Biennial, Iasi, Romania.

– Newspapers at Reading South – Melbourne Art Fair 2008

– Symposium “Rethinking cultural organizations in the new cultural economy”, MACBA, Barcelona

– conference “Cutural Translation: From National to Hybrid”, Lativa Center for Contemporary Art, Riga

– Capitalism as Religion? – Walter Benjamin’s Motto, Critical Theory and Art Today, Moscow, April-June 2008, NCCA.
– FASCISM TODAY: Comeback of an old enemy or a new threat? International conference organized by “Chto Delat” workgroup (Petersburg-Moscow), “Kritik und Praxis” group (Berlin) and Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (Moscow), Moscow

– seminar and public debate; Research Lab, principles and methodologies of auto-education, Tanzquartier, Viena

– seminar “Make art politically” at Evening School of Critical Knowledge, Petersburg

– seminar “Potentialities and Reactionary times”, ICA, Moscow

– Dictionary of War (speaker Thomas Campbell),, Novi Sad, Serbia




– interdisciplinary conference “REVISITING PERESTROIKA – PROCESSES AND ALTERNATIVES”, The Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland

– on-going seminar Alternative cultures, project of Central European University, Budapest

– seminar at Transit, Free School for Art Theory and Practice, Budapest

– seminar “Make Film Politically”, Motoren Halle, Dresden

– “Documenta 12 Magazine”, Lunch lecture at Documenta Halle, Kassel

– podium discussion “Self-Organisation as means of art production”, Sparwasser, Berlin

– “Art and Communism”, seminar and public talk at Staedel Schule, Frankfurt am Main

– one week seminar at Critical Studies course at Malmo Art Academy

– workshop at the “Space for Actualisation”, Hamburg, Germany

– “Reactionary Times and Potentialities in a mirror of Moscow Biennale”, Falaster Book store, Moscow (initiated by Chto Delat)



– conference “Radical politics in contemporary Russia”, Institute of Critical Theory, Duke University, USA

– conference “Monstrations”, Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany

– “Articulation of Protest”, II Russian Social Forum, during G8 Summit in St.Petersburg (intit. by Chto Delat)

– series of talks and workshops “La Normalidad/ Ex-Argentina”, Buenos Aires


– series of working meeting “Chto Delat?” at ProArte Institute, St. Petersburg

– “Archive/Memory of the show”, Manifesta Journal discussion in Petersburg

– “Swap Shop”, group talks organised by B+B in a frame of the exhibition

“Collective Creativity”, Friedericianum Kunsthalle, Kassel

– „Democratization of cultural production“, I Russian Social Forum, Moscow

(initiated by Chto Delat)

– “Klartext! Der Status des politischen in aktueller Kunst und Kultur”, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin




– sit-in at the show “Piterskie” made by Marat Guelman, Art Moscow Fair

(initiated by Chto Delat)

– “International: now-here”, Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow (initiated by Chto Delat)

– Room for Northeastern Issue, Hamburg

– “Art and media politic in Russia”, National Art Museum, Oslo

– “Precarity and Poverty“, Navicula Artis, Petersburg (initiated by Chto Delat)

– “Faster than History”, KIASMA Museum for Contemporary Art, Helsinki