Which political role can feminism play in the contemporary world?

We see feminism as a strong tool to strengthen individualism and self confidence. If people feel that they are in charge of their life they function better in all ways. If people stop looking at themselves as victims but start to figure out ways to control their surroundings and their lives everything becomes more optimistic and better.

Which strategies of solidarity between women of different social, national, and ethnic backgrounds are possible today?

Respect and creative dialogue between women of different background is the key. All individual characteristics and peculiar wisdom of different social backgrounds should be cherished.

Or is it better to shift our focus from the differences between men and women in order to address different universal features, such as political power-relations or social class?

People should talk together with the focus to learn more about life. Man and woman working together is the ideal.

Do you feel that qualities like “vulnerability” will die out as unnecessary capacities?

To us feminism strives for equality but not uniformity. The politics of feelings are super important and should not be suppressed. If you feel free to express your feelings in a healthy manner it makes you feel better and stronger.

Or is it possible to engage in a certain revolutionary politics of vulnerability?

All artistic expression creates certain vulnerability. Artistic expression at it’s strongest addresses universal human experience on a personal level. So telling the truth can continue to be a revolutionary act as it has always been.

How can feminism convince human beings of both genders of the need for emancipation and of the benefits of real freedom?

By showing this in reality and a encouraging self-confidence in all manner. And refusing to be put into categories or labeled in anyway.

Does love have any political potential in your opinion?

Yes. Love conquers all!

Do you think that there is anything specific in the feminine experience of love?

We hope that every human being experiences something specific and personal in love throughout their life.