Becoming With the Museum #2017

Becoming with Museum

December 2017, The Contemporary Art Museum in Skopje, Makedonia
Festival of Critical Arts, KRIK

Every encounter with art works is not a passive process – it demands some transformation on the side of the viewer. The ideal encounter is when we are leaving the art works alone and then we move into the world transformed by the experience of this meeting. We might discuss it later and share our ideas and impressions and we keep acting in the real world – making new artistic and political statements which are inspired by our previous encounter in art.

The Museums are the spaces where we encounter the accumulations of different art pieces combined in one display which offer to the viewer the multiplicity of experiences. And they are built in order to amplify it. The Contemporary Art Museum in Skopje is a best example with its vantage position over the city, with its elegant beton and glass surfaces which helps us to feel and engage with art works in a decent and proper way.

Chto Delat collective worked in this amazing space for 5 days with a group of young artist and we conceived a performance around the exhibition spaces which reflects the relation of the seminar’s participants to the selected pieces of art works. We wanted to link the macro narrative of different art works (when and how they are created, their social meaning etc.) with a micro narrative of every performer who was challenged to explain with her body and lyrical text the relations to the work and this create a transformative and refreshing mapping of the museum and history of young generation which activate the transformative potential of museum.

Becoming With the Museum

video documentation of the performance