The Lexicon of Emergency and the questions of pedagogy.

Or a Pedagogy of Questioning: what is wrong with our world?

Seminar by Chto Delat International in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Nora Sternfeld

Start: 12. April 2024

Block seminar  in April, May und June

Dates: 12.4., 26.4., 10.5., 24.5., 14.6., 28.6., everytime from 16:00 till 20:00

it is possible to participate on any single date.

Ort: Extended Library der HFBK Hamburg


Chto Delat has always held the view that one can only learn art through the process of making it. It is therefore important to understand the impulses that underlie the desire and passion to make art. They are always historically determined, so we need to learn how to navigate this new world. And we propose to start by mapping it – to see how old established concepts are changing their meaning and to trace what new concepts that previously fell out of the usual language are coming to the fore and dominating public speech.

In the current condition of multiple emergencies the basic question of the seminar is:

How to teach (and learn) art (and how to analyze/critique art) in a situation of accelerating, unpredictable and threatening transformation of the world? How to learn good things and unlearn bad things which penetrate our toxic everyday?

The project consists of a series of open performative discussions at the space of the Extended Library of the HFBK, open for participation of HFBK students and other cultural workers currently living in Hamburg. There will be 6 meetings in total and each meeting will focus on building an Emergency Lexicon/Atlas. Possible topics for discussion could be dedicated to: Internationalism, Tikun Olam (Repair), learning against hatred, what is evil?, new visions of universalism, how to communicate with ghosts? etc. The topics will be discussed through rehearsals, readings, performances and writing sessions with. The program will also include a number of public events.