The Slow Orientation in Zapatism #2017- on going

Since 2016 Chto Delat collective works on researching and interpreting the Zapatista’s ideas and their influence on different communities around Europe.

We began working on this project in the tradition of engaged research, seeking to understand how Zapatista ideas and practices can influence and transform our lives, relationships in collectives, political practices of resistance to capitalism, as well as relationships with the environment, the politics of memory and much more. As a result of this multi-year process, we have made 3 educational films about the situation in Russia, Italy and Greece, published a book and made many research exhibitions based on our archive (they have been shown at Center Pompidou, Rosa House of Culture, Kunsthalle Wien, Museo Reina Sophia and many other places).

Here you can find some documentation and screening copy of the films.

And you can download a book “When the Roots Start Moving. First Mouvement: To Navigate Backward / Resonating with Zapatismo” published by  ARCHIVE BOOKS (Berlin | Milano | Dakar) & FREE HOME UNIVERSITY (Salento, Italy) in 2021 at this link 


Here you can find a dossier on the displays and documentation of the process of the summer school of 2017

Zapatista – docier


As a commentary to the film we would like to share the brochure about our trips to Chiapas and our encounters realized in frame work of archive of Principio Potoci (2009-2021) 
alice and andreas brochure

Important text by Irmgard Emmelhainzin talking about the Slow Orientation in Zapatism project

The Grammar of Collectivity as Experimented by Chto Delat

chto d emmelhainz

Interview with Subcomandante Moises, vocero del EZLN

“People of Flour, Salt, and Water” is the second film made by Chto Delat as part of their ongoing project of Slow Orientation in Zapatismo. The film was conceived as a learning process, providing at the same time a framework, a method, and a way to formally organize what was learned in the 2019 summer session of Free Home University, hosted in Castiglione d’Otranto (South of Italy).

People of Flour, Salt, and Water from chto delat on Vimeo.

About the footprints, what we hide in the pockets and other shadows of hope

ABOUT THE FILM: 84′ | Language: Greek | Subtitles: English

Inspired by the relationship between political activism in Greece and the Zapatista movement, Chto Delat experimented with integrating Zapatista writing into the process of learning the Greek language. The film, which is the outcome of this experiment, combines texts in which Durito (a fictional beetle) describes the core sociopolitical ideas of the Zapatista movement with personal histories of refugees living in Greece — told through puppetry and shadow theatre. Intertwining reality and fiction, the film shows how imagination can help in overcoming our world’s cruel limitations, creating a shadow of hope. Commissioned by Framer Framed and State of Concept Athens, the film was made as part of the public programme of CHTO DELAT’s solo exhibition ‘When the roots start to move and get lost’ at State of Concept Athens in September 2020, in Athens. The performance and film was realised in collaboration with participants & volunteers (students & teachers) of the Open School for Migrants in Piraeus (Athens, GR) and CHTO DELAT.