#special issue: Knowledge in Action

An incomplete chronology of experimental educational initiatives

— The Flying University (Warsaw, 1883, several versions until 1979)

— Black Mountain College (1933–57, founded by John Andrew Rice)

— Berlin Free University (founded 1945)

— John Cage at the New School for Social Research (1956–60)

— Intermedia (Toronto, 1960s)

— Bauhaus Situationniste (Sweden, 1963)

— Joseph Beuys’ ‘Free International University of Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research’(founded 1974)

— Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (Boulder, founded 1974 by Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman)

— Ultimate Akademie (Cologne, founded 1988 by Al Hansen and Lisa Cieslik)

— Free University in Leningrad (1988-92, founded by brothers Goroshevskie, instructors
included Timur Novikov, Boris Jukhananov, Mitya Volchek)

— École Temporaire (1998–1999, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe)

— Centre for Advanced Study (CAS), Sofia (founded 2000)

— Copenhagen Free University (founded 2001) [see more in this issue]

— School of Missing Studies (Belgrade, founded 2002)

— Future Academy (London, founded 2002 by Clementine Deliss)— University of Openness (London, founded 2002)

— Bespartshkola (Moscow, founded by Vlad Tupikin)

— Manoa Free University (founded 2003)

— Informal University in Foundation (Berlin, founded 2003)

— L’université Libre (Saint-Petersburg, founded 2005)

— Free University of Los Angeles

— L’université tangente

— La Universidad Nómada [see more in this issue]

— Göteborgs Autonoma Skolas

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