Excavator – dr-dr-dr-bk-bk-dsh-dsh-dsh…

John – We met only eight days ago, and we’ve been sleeping together in different places every day since; the weather’s great. Let’s spend this day here in nature (though I wonder what this techno-monster is doing here? How did this excavator turn out to be in an open field?! What a loud and stinky freak)

Yoko – Today the G8 summit is coming to town, don’t you remember? We have to peel ourselves off one another and hit the streets, and join the demonstrations, which will have only one and a half people either way.



John – You’re serious, aren’t you?! But at least, let’s give it another go, and let’s see what happens after that.

Yoko – It makes sense to seize the day and somehow express our protest against all of this shit, against the total meta-state of injustice, lies, and filth that they are planning to build.

John – Help me out a little, because I seem to be a little tired (or is the excavator?)

Yoko – Universal fatigue, apathy, lethargic reactions, and the habituation to the fact that everything is decided without our consent, without even asking our opinion. All of these things are dangerous symptoms.

Yoko – They hold all the levers in their hands, controlling all flows of energy ranging from money to natural resources. The longer we we fail to act, the more actively and rapidly they  will develop.

John – It’s not helping.

Yoko – People shouldn’t feel so helpless. We still have to right to unite. We have to continue to fight back in order to keep from losing that as well. We have to keep from losing what’s ours, holding on to it with all our might, refusing to give it away.

John – Don’t be so fierce; I’m afraid you’ll swallow it whole or bite it off at its very root. (I’m ready to vote for the rational and careful agriculture against the appropriation of virgin territories by rampant construction.)

Yoko – You have to say it out loud and openly: I disagree. Protest with a purpose, streets, unity, freedom – it really turns me on!

John – You’re probably right. Let’s hit the streets! Protest is a turn-on!!! Love and dissent are two fundamental passions that will free and clean the world!