Alexei: Then politics is a kind of ecstatic frenzy. In kitchen quarrels, people will provoke one another to the point of being beside themselves. This is actually we mean when we talk about “kitchen politicians”.

Artem: Sure. Politics is ec-stasis, literally. It can start in the kitchen, leading from the frying pan to the class struggle. This is what happens when the infinite intervenes, making the parties forget themselves and see what they are fighting for.

Oxana: But in politics, people are always divided into two camps. Look at our Left: they are often beside themselves over the pathetic little details of doctrine!

Artem: People become enemies precisely when they feel they are too close to one another. And then, they fight over the common that does not belong to anyone in particular. Thus,  politics is the unity of the world, but it realizes itself in the form of antagonism!

Oxana: Then again, there are more serious forces besides friendship and enmity. These forces are beside us. We have to turn their ontology in our direction. And this is what communism will be!

Alexei: What is important is who is put beside him/herself  and against whom. Sometimes, they carry us off into the void. We have to act against the expectations of the political priests.

Artem: Maybe politics really is today’s alternative to religion. But we don’t believe its TV priests any more than the reformers believed in the Church. Politics rises against the state, out of its depth, fuelled by people who are beside themselves.

Alexei: People don’t only rise against states or empires. As a class, they are carried by anger and step out against a class that has usurped the common. But many people can step out for no reason, simply as the many. No state can carry this multitude back. We will see more of this politics, and…

Artem: Wait a second! A mushroom!

Artem stops and starts to rake through a pile of leaves. Under it, one can see a large mushroom.