2. Which chances do you see for the ongoing democratization of art? Is it possible to break out of the framework of market hierarchy and exclusive global representation?

The “art world” is a corporation just like any other. It is impossible to speak of any democratization on its territory.


3. How important is it today to stop the conveyors of big events, opting instead for internationalist work on location?

To me, a reaccentuation of internationalist work on location seems both senseless and irresponsible. Nobody “on location” actually needs this kind of art.


5. Is international style the only relevant possibility for addressing the local problematique? Is there any room left for creative misunderstandings, lost in translation, experiences that are both subjective and local? Which experiences have you made in highlighting the uniqueness of a local cultural context as something of general relevance?

It is decadent “to search for spaces of creative misunderstanding”. Anything in local experience that has no universal meaning automatically disappears.


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