1. How important is it to appeal to the Communist roots of globalization today?

It seems to me that the question is not quite correct. Globalism is an objective state in capitalism’s development, which by now has extended its interests to all portions of the globe. This process does not have any Communist roots. One might say that it makes sense to know the situation of globalization as the Communist Manifesto describes it, but only as the first chapter of something that is still going on today.


2. Which chances do you see for the ongoing democratization of art? Is it possible to break out of the framework of market hierarchy and exclusive global representation?

To be honest, I don’t see such a problem here. One unified global system is replacing the more closed regional artistic contexts. This is an objective process. The state of dissatisfaction that the contemporary artist often experiences is the subject is another question. This question has little to do with democratization. Quite on the contrary, the art system is extremely effective under the conditions at hand. Thus, it is hardly surprising when the struggle for its democratization turns into a squabble for a more advantageous place within its hierarchy.


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