The videofilm “The Russian Woods” based on the documentation of the staged play – realised in Petersburg in Russian with English subtitles




Played on 25th of March in a framework of the festival “Speaking and understanding” // Episode 3 Copying without copying, concept and production by Arika (

Script & Idea: Tsaplya and Dmitry Vilensky
Music:Mikhail Krutik
Choreography: Nina Gasteva
Set & graphics: Nikolay Oleynikov

Our work on the musical performance “Russian Woods” was largely provoked by political developments in Russia last winter. By participating in these important events that all of sudden have emerge inside the Russian civil society, we were intrigued by the huge amount of use of mythic images and rethoric, both from government and from the protesters. We found that this phenomenon is not by chance and really reflects the level of a political culture in the country. And we wanted to try to analyze it in the form of a fairy tail story that would be able to not only reflect the totality of socio-political structure of our society, but also think about the possibilities of its transformation.