This is a documentation of the learning play realised at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London on 10th of September, 2010 in a frame work of the exhibition of the Chto Delat? “The urgent need to struggle”

Participants: Jelena Vesic (Prelom collective – Belgrade), Vladan Jeremic (Biro Belgrade), Carrot Workers Research Group (London), Alexander Skidan and Dmitry Vilensky, Chto Delat collective (Russia), Factory of Found Clothes (St. Petersburg), Nina Gasteva (Iguana Dance (St. Petersburg), Steve Edwards (Historical Materialism – London), Turbulence (London), Unltra-Red (London); Ehsan Fardjadniya (Parachute-Artists (Nomad)), Amsterdam; Marina Vishmidt; Vladimir Jeric (Vlidi – Belgrade)

Based on 48 hours Communal Life Seminar

Presented by Factory of Found Clothes & Chto Delat?, choreography of Nina Gasteva, and the participants of the 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar:

The title-question the play What struggles do we have in common? addresses the urgency of reconsidering the cultural field as a battle ground – where different forces of politics, aesthetics and ideology are confronting each other. That’s why the play scrutinizes the rather typical conflictual situation when artist/intellectuals who have chosen the necessity of carrying on their work in a framework of institutional landscape are confronted with the protest of activists who consider this position as a betrayal of political agenda in a favor of branding a personal/collective carriers detached from any political relevance.

Through the staging this conflict and its different aspects we suggest the public to engage with this issues and try to find a way how to resolve the conflict otherwise.