– Times, Lines, 1989s
CCA Glasgow


the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), Skopje, North Macedonia

– PROLOGUE. Tongue on tongue, nos salives dans ton Oreille,
(Safe Haven video)
Kadist, Paris

– AR Pavilion – Helsinki. Mass Memory Machines,
(Safe Haven video)
Galleria Rankka, Helsinki

– Tirana Patience
(The Builders)

National Museum of Fine Arts, Tirana

– The Missing Planet. Visions and re-visions of ‘Soviet Times’
Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy

– Songspiels and Tragicomedies,
Bellas Artes Projects, Manila, Philippines

Eyewitnesses of Conflict: Goya, Beuys, Dumas
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

– Hello, My Name Is Capitalism,
The Builders video
Peak Art, London

Haus der Statistik, Berlin Alexanderplatz

– After Canal,
(textile works)
City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia

– The Art Encounters biennial,
The Excluded video film
Timisoara, Romania

– Orient V / Fotograf Festival – Archeology of Euphoria: 1985–1995
Partisan Songspiel
City Gallery Prague, Czech Republic

– Hotel Europa: their past, your present, our future
A group exhibition and a performance program across different venues in Tbilisi, Georgia

– Revolution from Without
(textile works)
The 8th Floor, New York

– In your trace. Inspirational forces in Russian and Hungarian Art,
(Safe Haven video)
Budapest Art Week

– An Opera for Animals
(One Night in a Social Network: An Opera-Farce)
Para Site, Hong Kong

– Are You Satisfied? Aktuelle Kunst Und Revolution
(textile works)
Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

– ACTION: between figuration and abstraction
from the collection of Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art, Seville, Spain

– Videonale 17 – Refracted Realities
(Safe Haven video)
Bonn, Germany

Selected Screening

– The Slow Orientation in Zapatism
Making Now-Time: Film and Discussion, O Meteoritis, Athens

– the UNIDEE program
at Cittadellarte Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation

– One night in Social network: An Opera-Farce
The Committee for Tacit History, Monument to Cold War Victory
The New School, New York

– One Night in Social Network: An Opera-Farce
the Parliament of the Bodies at Bergen Assembly 2019

– One Night in a Social Network: An Opera-Farce
Bar Laika, New York