On the sources and currents of Chto Delat collective #2015

On the sources and currents of Chto Delat collective

This first solo-show of collective Chto Delat in Petersburg is organized as a double time-line reflecting last 12 years of existence of our collective. The negative one which presents a different events influenced our life and work in a bad way. This line is visualized in a form of accumulation of different shaped tombstones. And positive one – the accumulation of inspiring things and events. This line is organized as a display of various objects which obviously used for storing different types of liquids (water, sperm, milk, spirits etc.) and all of them are connected by pipes.

The tombstones are located on the floor, “the liquid system” is hang above then according the dates. The space between them is pasted chaotically with posters from  the series of Chto Delat graphic work “poster’ time-line”

This display was created with the idea to question the gallery context which is self-organized platform created for the representation of artistic communities outside Saint-Petersburg. How Chto Delat is related to it? In our home town one can often hear that our collective has no relations to the city and more belongs to international circulation and creation of artistic production. Is it true? With this show and series of discussions, and the work of our school of engaged art we wanted to claim that our activity not simply inspired by the history of art and current political situation in Petersburg and Russia but has a strong genesis

The documentation of solo exhibition at the gallery Luda, Petersburg
see here: 

The publication (in Russian) published on the occasion of the show

see here https://issuu.com/dmitryvilensky/docs/full_sources_b97137dfed1cac