The Slow Orientation in Zapatism #2017- on going

Here you can find a dossier and web-version of our film

Zapatista – docier

As a commentary to the film we would like to share the brochure about our trips to Chiapas and our encounters realized in frame work of archive of Principio Potoci (2009-2021) 
alice and andreas brochure

Important text by Irmgard Emmelhainzin talking about the Slow Orientation in Zapatism project

The Grammar of Collectivity as Experimented by Chto Delat

chto d emmelhainz

Interview with Subcomandante Moises, vocero del EZLN

People of Flour, Salt, and Water is the second film made by Chto Delat as part of their ongoing project of Slow Orientation in Zapatismo. The film was conceived as a learning process, providing at the same time a framework, a method, and a way to formally organize what was learned in the 2019 summer session of Free Home University, hosted in Castiglione d’Otranto (South of Italy).

People of Flour, Salt, and Water from chto delat on Vimeo.