Nikolay Oleynikov’s personal web-site:


Selected works:

The March of the Empty Stomachs, mobile monuments tactics collective, Lecce, Italy, 2012


 Can Real Democracy Cause a Jaw Displacement ? Fight Library and Learning Mural at the exhibition Absolute Democracy at Rotor, Graz, September 2012 



Nikolay Oleynikov (with Thomas Campbell & Dmitry Vilensky), 2009, “Perestroika Timeline”, XI Istanbul Biennale

Nikolay Oleynikov, 2010, “Chto Delat of the Spirits,” Galerija NOVA, Zagreb

Nikolay Oleynikov, 2010, “Practicing Dance of History,” Cittadellarte, Pistoletto Foundation, Biella


Nikolay Oleynikov, “Urgent Need for Sruggle, part 00”, Paperworks Gallery, Moscow