Because of the repressive regulation of all NGO and non-profit organizations in Russia, Chto Delat functions as an informal workgroup with no official registration. Our economy is based on a variety of personal grants and self-financing. In the past, we  managed to continue working on our publications and on-line resources by raising money from art projects and production of art work. However, this does not always give us the necessary independence to match the urgency of local activist knowledge production.

To do so, we are establishing a Chto Delat? Aid Fund.

In the current moment, we need to support Rosa’s House of Culture and broader variety of local activist and militant research workgroups and individuals.

We hope that your solidarity and contributions will make it possible to finance collaborations with initiatives that otherwise have no chance of receiving private or state support in Russia.

If you have an idea or want to donate but don’t know how, please contact us at: All donations will be registered and the donor will receive regular information on how the money was spent.

We have one German Bank account that is managed together by members of the core group, Olga Egorova & Dmitry Vilensky
Swift Iban: DE09 1007 0024 0120 9741 00

BLZ 100 700 24
NR Account 1209741 00

Deutsche Bank
Berlin, Alexander Platz

also you can use a PAYPAL account connected with email of