Face to Face with Monument

The Newspaper “What is monumental today?” was published on the occasion fo the Chto Delat project in Vienna at Schwarzenberg Platz (May-June 2014)

Face to Face with Monument – the documentation of the project

User manual to teh square:
1. Study The Paper Soldier
2. Wake your inner Paper Soldier up
3. Visit history (in red container)
4. Take an audio tour
6. Evoke your ideological traumas
6. Ascend the tower through the forum
7. Use telescope to face the face of the Unknown Soldier.
8. Run down (carefully)
9. Engage with the mural
10. Visit library /white container/– study display “Transformation of monumentality”
pick up your own copy of project newspaper there

11. Free time (suggestions): seat at the forum discuss your experience with strangers, take a book and seat at the café, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, text friends to come….


The display – Transformation of monumentality