The Chto Delat? wall newspaper is an art project by Dmitry Vilensky, based on the paper version of this or that issue of the newspaper in print.

The wall newspaper is an installation object based on the metal offset sheets used in the process of printing a real newspaper. Elements of a metal construction kit for children are mounted onto these offset plates.

In the way, the real newspaper gains a third dimension, making for a means to demonstrate and visualize the lines of tension and flight in graphical and textual space.

The wall newspaper is published in one language depending on where it is shown.

Three issues of the wall newspaper have appeared so far, two of them in English. They were shown at the exhibitions “Contested Spaces in Post-Soviet Art” at the Sydney Mishkin Gallery, New York, “People’s Choice” at Isola Art Center, Milan, “Black Square Prize Show” at Central House of Artists, Moscow, and “Actualization Space” in Hamburg.

Wall newspaper #1: Spacemaking

4 printing forms aluminum (size 960×620 mm) with fixed objects – dimensions variable

Installation at Syney Mishkin Gallery, New York was realised for the exhibition “Contested Spaces in Post Soviet Art”, curated by Elena Sorokina.

Two chairs and a table are included for the free distribution of Chto delat No. 12: “(Im)possible Spaces.”

Idea and realisation: Dmitry Vilensky

The graphic for these objects was based on combinations in a form of collages the sketches made by St. Petersburg artist Grigory Jushenko and different architectural graphics and plans of development of urban structures.

The text for this project was related to the theoretical discourse of production of public spaces and include the quotes from David Harvey, Henri Lefebvre, Paolo Virno and many others.

The idea was to face the viewer with the visual confrontation between texts and objects that was embedded in a form of a spatial fight.

Wall newspaper #2 Potentialities. Beyond Political Sadness